MusArts was established by Identity PR, in an effort to bring together individuals and organizations, in order to provide support financially and through the gifting of instruments, teacher instructional, practice, rehearsal and performance spaces.  The objective is to keep the music and art programs alive in our schools and available to our youth through educations.

Arts education refers to the study of creative works in music, visual arts, dance, or drama/theatre and the process of producing such creative works.  

The benefits of music include:
~ Musical training helps develop language and reasoning
~ A
mastery of memorization
~ Students learn to improve their work
~ Increased coordination
~ A sense of achievement
~ Kids stay engaged in school
~ Success in society
~ Emotional development
~ Students learn pattern recognition
~ Better SAT scores
~ Fine-tuned auditory skills
~ Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity
~ Music can be relaxing
~ Musical instruments can teach discipline
~ Preparation for the creative economy
~ Development in creative thinking
~ Music can develop spatial intelligence
~ Kids can learn teamwork
~ Responsible risk-taking
~ Better self-confidence

Identity PR hopes you’ll join us and other organizations in our ongoing mission to
support the music and arts programs in our schools.

(Excerpts taken from article originally on the Bachelors Degree website