At Identity PR, we collaborate as a team when marketing our clients. With branding acting as a key component of our marketing strategy.


Identity PR is a full service public relations firm whose primary mission is to deliver specialized services to our clients.

Identity, focuses on, but is not limited to the Music, Performing Arts and Entertainment areas. Much attention is also emphasized on social media and event management.

Public Relations is a crucial undivided constituent of marketing. Therefore, it is essential for Identity to establish a well-defined marketing campaign for our clients, in order to achieve a well-integrated public relations strategy, and to reach the envisioned marketing goals, of the brand, while continuing the firms commitment to integrity and creativity, and by recruiting and retaining the highest caliber of people to exert the firms mission.

Our aim is to create an innovative public relations campaign for our clients with Diligence, Perfection, Attention and Detail.

Identity Communications mission is to bring our clients story to fruition.

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